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In my beauty bag:

Louise Pilkington

Louise Pilkington co-owns the newly opened Newmarket hair salon and tea house Dry & Tea, and is also co-designer of Loumina jewellery.

My best friend always says to me "God Lou, you always dress immaculately, your hair always looks really good, and then you just seem to slap your makeup on!"

As far as my makeup and beauty regime goes it's quite low maintenance. I love the look of lots of makeup on other people, but for myself I only really put on what I need to put on, or if I'm going out maybe a little more.

At the moment I've been really loving the flicky eyeliner [Louise is wearing it the day we meet]. I just had my hair coloured a lighter blonde and got this blunt fringe, and I think with a punchier look you need bit more makeup.

So I've started experimenting more; and now that we have a makeup artist in the salon I'm always watching and picking up ideas from her.

You can stick whatever on your skin, but I'm a firm believer that beauty always comes from the inside out. You have to feel good within yourself first.

My Aurora Alchemy oils are like my mini special 'Om' moment, they make me feel better at those times when you really can't do anything else.

They're aromatherapy oils but I wear them daily as a perfume too. I have an array of different ones that float around my bag.

And the Kama solid perfume - it's been in my bag for like a million years. I often wear it with a French perfume.

I don't wash my hair every day but I do wash my fringe everyday to keep it looking fresh.

I use Pureology, and the really funny thing is that sometimes I wash my face with the shampoo as well, because it's so light and its sulphate free!

But usually I use Dermalogica foaming cleanser. I keep one by the basin and one in the shower so it's easier in the mornings.

Then I apply Joyce Blok Serum C - a local brand - I use this morning and night, it's got heaps of vitamin C in it.

I don't use a foundation or concealer as I don't like the feeling of it on my skin. I just use Dermalogica Skin Primer- it's tinted, has an SPF30 and it just feels insanely good on your skin - and then I use M.A.C's Studio Fix powder.

My special treat is a facial called Facial Radiance; it's a facial massage from Linda at ReAb in Ponsonby. It deals with all the meridian lines in your face, and it stimulates your muscles to actually plump up the skin in your face.

You can really see a difference. And she also does the most mind-blowing head massage afterwards!

The beauty product I couldn't live without would be lip gloss - even if I had nothing else! I've always loved Lancôme Juicy Tubes, but I've recently fallen for the Butter London lip glosses - they really stay on for ages. My favourite right now is called Snog!"

As told to Bronwyn Williams

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