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The Royal Rebirth was an initiation process with elemental rituals, performed by the Priestesses of Isis for the ceremonies of the Egyptian Pharaohs. 

The spiritual transformation created through anointing is perhaps the  single most magical act one can perform.


A consecrated oil that held the power of the transformation was equally valuable and magical, and was essential for the anointing process. Both the story of Jesus Christ and the Holy Grail are testament to the power of anointing's miraculous effects. 

The tradition of sacred oils began in Ancient Egypt, in a highly esoteric and hidden priestess lineage that worked with the Spirit of the Oils.


Here we find the first magical potion makers in human history, where spiritual vibrations were translated into form through scent and light. 

You are invited to enter this tradition of the Cosmic Womb, with your guide Mary Magdalene, to come into sacred reverence of her anointing rituals of rebirth. 


In this Practitioner Course, learn how to:

consecrate and work with magical substances of nature


create rituals of beauty with Mary Magdalene

awaken to your Egyptian priestess knowledge

journey into the shamanic heart of Egypt  

priestess traditions 

flower oils

herbal essences

ethereal crystalline vibrational medicine



Each workshop connects you to elements of nature that resonate with your true divine nature, used by Mary Magdalene and the Egyptian priestesses to evoke divine healing.


You will be initiated into the deeper mysteries of the oils, and learn to work with her beloved rituals, oils and adornments to create powerful spaces in which to heal and rebirth others.


For ceremonialists, healers, powerful space holders and divine emissaries, this is a Pathway of Return to invite the Goddess to reawaken the High Priestess within. 

In this 6-part workshop series, you will take part in online embodiment rituals of





& anointing


revealing the rich paths of the Anointers, the original "Christs" of the earth. 

Learn more about Mary Magdalene's Resurrection Technology as you awaken to the process of Royal Rebirth, the spiritual gateway that led to the Second Life of the Soul.


You will be initiated into the Path of Alchemy and Sacred Oils, in the spiritual tradition of Ancient Egypt. 

This Practitioner Course comes with a Hathor Womb initiation pendant,  scent set and healing tea set. Includes 1 bottle of Mystic Rose Potion. 


The Practitioner Scent Set includes 11 sacred oils used by Mary Magdalene, 7 Sisters Flower Crown Spray, 7 Sisters Bath and Face Steam, Rose Gold Healing Tea, Cacao Gold Healing Tea, Jamu Gold Healing Tea. 


Hathor Necklace is brass with crystal inclusion. 


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A 6 DAY ONLINE RETREAT with Mary Magdalene


Enter the Soul Healing Pathways of the Cosmic Womb 

  1. Sacred Anointing Traditions of the Priestesses of the Blue Lotus 

  2. Spa, Beauty & Healing Rituals of Mary Magdalene

  3. The Royal Rebirth Ritual Process and Welcoming of the Second Life of the Soul

  4. 11 Sacred Oils of Mary Magdalene

  5. 11 Sacred Oils Part 2

  6. Golden Alchemy Final Activation Ceremony

Join Mary Magdalene and Goddess Alchemist Yvette Sitten to journey into the Heart of the Goddess! 

27 September - 2 October 2021

6-8pm NZ daily (full workshop)

11am - 12pm (15 min personalised check in for energy reading daily) 



  • Sacred Technology of the Priestesses of Light

  • Egyptian alchemy and Embodied Christic Union

  • Training in using the healing substances of shamanic Egypt

  • Goddess Embodiment, rituals of beauty and golden light

  • complements and extends Monarch Essence Practitioner Training

  • this practitioner course is suited for women circle holders, healers, wellness practitioners, mystics, high priestesses awakening to soul purpose


  • $999

  • VIP 20% discount

  • Mothership 10%

  • Includes : Womb Initiation Pendant, Scent Set, Healing Tea (package worth over $400)

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