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EGYPT 2022

OCT 20 - NOV 12

Come join your guide into the Egyptian sacred mysteries, for the ultimate Aurora Alchemy temple trail into the Holy of Holies. The Inner Sanctum of world culture and spirituality awaits your presence into the Star Priestesshood of Mu, Atlantis, Avalon and Sirius. 

On this pilgrimage through the celestial temples of heavenly light, you will receive the activations encoded for your soul that have been waiting for you in Egypt. This is the divinely appointed time of ancient souls returning to the Egyptian wisdom teachings.

Aurora Alchemy's first retreat to Egypt was on the date of the Great Awakening of Humanity (11-11-11) and this marks a long passage of 11 years - a sacred marker of rebirthing human consciousness is now at an end. We were there to open the oneness code of the earth in 2011 - and in 2022, the designated time is here to return the original temples of light for the earth. The birthing passage is now over - a new world is about to spin into being. 

The entire planet is awaiting this moment with eager anticipation. 

During this final stargate opening of the 11 year cycle leading up to 2022, you will enter the new cycle of time on the earth plane, as the Galactic Mystery School of the Goddess Isis anchor back on earth for the first time since Lemuria and Atlantis. 

The Goddess awakening rippling through the planet began on 11-11-2011 from Egypt now reaches its heightened momentum as we approach planetary metamorphosis. On 11-11-22, we will experience the final wave of the Goddess rebirth of the earth, as the sacred sound codes of the original Goddess template of the Paradise Earth are finally released from the Pleaides and Sirius back to the temples of Egypt, which are built in alignment to this divine template. 

The temples of the Goddess are alight once again. Our journey to Egypt reignites this sacred flame in all heartspaces. Discover the temples of the Sacred Feminine in a divinely appointed royal trail once travelled by the High Priestesses of Isis, led by Isis herself along with Mary Magdalene, Nuit, Hathor, Sekhmet, Bast and Maat.


Learn to perform initiations and blessings in coherence with their ancient wisdom teachings embedded in the sacred rituals of anointing - and be initiated into the lineages of the Star Goddesses, the High Priestesses of Sirius. 

There has never been a moment in all of Earth's history quite like this. ​


You are called to consecrate it with the Goddess as she returns her Light to all sacred places. The water temples of the Goddess Isis await you with the knowledge of Atlantis and Lemuria, and the Order of the Blue Lotus, her priestesshood of light. 

This is a divinely appointed moment for all souls connected to Egypt to return to the light. At this important time of earth metamorphosis, all souls are called into your knowing, truth and power. Bring yourself to the altar of the world and experience wonders beyond your imagination.

During this mystery school journey, there will be ascension processes, healing workshops and support on a personal Akashic soul level. Your soul's growth is deeply supported and guided by the ancestral lineage of the monarchs of Egypt and the star realms. 



- Be in royal ceremony at the Great Pyramids and the Sphinx

- Luxury cruise through the Nile

- Reunite with the sacred feminine temple trail of Isis, Hathor, Sekhmet and Ma'at

- Goddess Healing Practices: Daily anointing workshops and ceremonies of ancient alchemy with Aurora Alchemy oils

- Siwa Oasis Escape: Bathe in Cleopatra's hotsprings, receive prophecies at the Temple of Aphrodite, within the oasis of the Alchemist

- Cleopatra's tomb & palace : Sacred Powerspot off the beaten track

- Initiations in all major temples, including Abydos (Osiris), Dendara (Hathor), Karnak (Sekhmet), Luxor (Valley of the Kings), Nile Temples of Horus, and Abu Simbel

- Nightly group sessions to process energies and heal, with card readings 

- Massage and healing training sessions

- Priestess Embodiment Rituals (Henna, Massage, Yoga, Chi Exercises)


Twin share US$6888

Single Supplement US$2220

All inclusive 23 day retreat with food, accomodation, transport, site visits, tips (except for tour guide), & Aurora workshops. 


Flights to Egypt are not included in this price.  



Saqqara Pyramid





20/ 10: Arrive in Egypt, check into your 5 star Steigenberger Pyramids view accomodation (twin share)



Our first day of the journey is a gentle welcome into the mecropolis of ancient Saqqara, the ancestral mountain of Egypt. Today we will meet the ancestral powers of Egypt - the kings and pharaohs, the Goddesses and the Neteru, the Gods of Egypt. 


Enter the Step Pyramid of Sakkara ( King Zoser Pyramid ), the oldest major stone pyramid in the world to be brought back to your origins and source of power.

Then we will visit Dahshur Pyramids to absorb the glories of the Red and Bent Pyramid. Today is an initiation into the Pyramid codes, the technology and structure of these magnificent energy machines and how to work with them throughout the journey. 

The last stop will be to Memphis City with an incredible visit to the open air museum that contains a Huge statue of Ramses II. The Kings of Egypt welcome you on this magnificent day of our opening ceremony in Egypt. 


 Escort to Cairo airport, fly to Aswan, overnight in Aswan. Stay at Movenpick Aswan. 

22/10: Sunrise Ceremony at Abu Simbel for the Sun Festival

A very early wake up call today as we rise for the most spectacular Egyptian festival of the year! Prepare to start the day at 3am to witness the Solar Festival of Abu Simbel....


Speed through the desert towards the magnificent Temple of Abu Simbel, for one of the most illuminated festivals in Egypt - the famous Festival of Ra that takes place specifically at this restored water temple. On this day, the sun rays reach into the deepest sanctuary of the temple, lighting up the face of the 4 Gods. You will never forget this spectacle of light, only found in neolithic cave structures sacred to the Goddess. A blessing beyond words awaits each person who witnesses this solar light-up. 

After sunrise, you will experience a Christic ceremony within the temple walls, in Hathor's sacred chapel of love. Mary Magdalene and Jesus perform Twin Flame anointing blessings within the goddess portal in this temple enclosure, in the Chapel of Hathor. 

After you explore Abu Simbel, known as the greatest temple of Egypt, prepare to return to Aswan, home of the Isis Temple. 

23/10: Aswan, Goddess Mother Temples of Isis & Satet


Aswan is the indigenous root of Egypt - the very cornerstones of civilisation begun here....


Start the day at the Elephantine Island, at the Temple of Satet hidden within its ancient and modern layers. Elephantine is a special island with ongoing archaeological excavations. Legend has it that the Ark of the Covenant was once kept safe here.


Today will also mark your first visit to the Mother temple of Philae, dedicated to our Holy Mother Isis. Today, your first initiation into Her mysteries takes place.... Welcome home to the most amazing water temple in the world. 

24/10: Aswan, Origin Temples of the Goddess

A day dedicated to the ancient water temples of Atlantis that once existed as the original temple of Isis. We will spend the day in a felucca exploring the waters and being in sacred meditation in an original spot where the Philae Temple was once located. Here, we connect with the original energy of Isis Temple. You will never forget the magic and rarity of this moment!

Our island meditation will be followed by your second visit to Philae, where your High Priestess initiations will take place, under the order of the Blue Lotus. May the ancient water libraries and memories of Isis now awaken! Learn about the hidden history of this Mother Temple of Egypt, and be led by Goddess Isis into the Holy of Holies for your priestess initiation. 

In the evening, explore the colourful Aswan markets and board your luxury Nile cruise with panoramic room views. 

25/10: Nile Cruise

We sail towards the Sacred Masculine temples of Kom Ombo (Sobek, the Crocodile God) and Edfu (Horus, the Solar Christ Eagle) and begin our expedition and initiation into the 7 sacred chakra temples of the Nile. Prepare for the opening of the chakra system in your body and in the land of Egypt!

Kom Ombo is a temple of the Oracles. At this shrine dedicated to Sekhmet and the Crocodile God, Sobek, you will discover the ancient medical knowledge of Egypt and activate your medical intuition. This is a space of cosmic and planetary healing, ancient midwifery, mummification and surgery.... the healing systems of the ancient world return to you here. 

Once you have anchored your healer codes, you will be guided to the Temple of Horus, at Edfu. At this solar temple, explore the trails of light that lead you into the magical portals of initiation. Here we begin the understanding of the architecture of the temples of light. Experience the unlocking of the story of Horus through the murals and the ancient battle between the dark and the light that took place here. Meet your master guide, Horus - son of Isis - symbol of the Sacred Masculine rebirth on the earth. 

Spend the evening on the cruise integrating the codes of healing and light in an evening meditation circle under the stars. 

26/10: Luxor, the Royal City

Start to embrace the culture of Luxor by visiting the greatest highlights of Luxor at Karnak Temple. With its inconceivable pillars, it was constructed at the Greco Roman kingdom era. It is considering the largest temple in the world, it consists of 6 Temples, Experience the magnificent energies of healing while walking through the seven doors of Sekhmet temple, the most powerful Sekhmet shrine in the world! Here you receive initiations into the Warrior lineage of the High Priestess. This is a deeply moving encounter with the Goddess in her fierce feminine form.


In the evening, we visit the starlit Luxor Temple, which is believed to be built as a human body structure combined with its centers of energy. This temple has a way of activating the physical body and light body just by walking through it and meditating at various powerspots. Breathe in power at the Avenue of Sphinxes, where Mother Sphinx will meet you, and be initiated here in front of one of the last remaining statues of Goddess Isis.


Today you will disembark from the cruise ship and check into your 5 star Luxor accomodation overlooking the Nile. 

27/10 : Valley of the Kings

Connect to the pharaohs and receive initiations into the Galactic Mystery Schools at the Valley of the Kings. We will walk through various tombs in our sacred adventure with the ancestral forces of the Valley of the Kings. Goddess Nuit initiates you into the Galactic Mystery teachings. 

Queen Hapshepsut's Temple will be next on the tour, to connect to this Queen of Light and Mother of Egypt. High Priestess Initiations will take place in the Hathor Chapel that is nestled within the chambers of this mountain-fringed monument. We will receive channelled messages from Queen Hapshepsut and the Galactic Beings. (The temple is a well-known UFO sighting spot!)

We end this massive epic day with a visit to the Giants, the Colossi of Memnon, also known as the Sons of Aurora. Prepare for activation of your cosmic avatar body....

A beautiful dinner in Luxor ends the day of travelling to the stars. 

28/10 : Valley of the Queens

Start the day by visiting Habu temple valley of the workers and Queens. Discover recent excavations and restorations taking place in these intimate structures and glimpse into the lives of the ancient Egyptians. 


Then visit the legendary valley of the queens and various Queen tombs. This is an unusual stop on any itinerary but a must! Connect to all the Queens of Egypt in your High Priestess initiations here. We will meet the Order of the Blue Lotus and all the ancient priestesses of light who are waiting for us in ceremonial anticipation. 

In the evening, we will hold a sacred priestess circle, where we will experience a Blue Lotus tea ceremony. 

29/10: Dendara, Divine Feminine Initiation Day


The Temple of the Heart awakens with our visit to Dendara, sacred to Goddess Hathor and the main place where priestesses were trained in the healing arts. This is the Temple of Beauty that reconnects all divine feminine remembrances. Meditate and be in ceremony in our High Priestess training workshop here, while receiving cosmic star downloads in this temple of astronomy and ancient astrology. 

We will spend an extra long time in this temple to fully receive the High Priestess Codes. This temple was sacred to Cleopatra and also to Mary Magdalene, who also taught and intiated her High Priestesses in a small chapel here. 

Our final night in Luxor! We will explore the city, have fun shopping at the crystal street markets and get henna tattoos to celebrate our divine feminine initiation day!

30/10: Journey to Abydos

We travel to the Osirion, the Temple of Osiris, and arguably Egypt's most powerful and sacred temple. This is where the ancient Flower of Life code is inscribed and the place of metamorphosis and Christ Consciousness for the planet! 

We will check in to the House of Life, a beautiful healing hotel, to receive sacred water immersions with Osiris and healing spa treatments will be shared with the group. A sacred smoke and incense ceremony will be prepared for this evening's initiation. 

31/10: Cairo

We fly back to Cairo where you will have a free day to integrate all the chakra temple energies. 

1/11: Siwa

We drive to Siwa Oasis via Taposiris Magna, where Cleopatra's tomb is thought to be located. Receive High Priestess blessings from Cleopatra as she opens a trail of light to Siwa. 

At Siwa Oasis, check into our beautiful mud-hut accomodation designed in local Siwa style and experience luxury the Siwa way. Spend this evening dining with the Beduoins. 

2/11: Siwa's Best Sights

All of Siwa's greatest powerspots, The Dead Mountain and its tombs, the Gara Cave with its neolithic carvings, the Temple of Alexander the Great and Cleopatra's Bath, contain the entire timeline of Egypt. Today, we visit them all!

Receive High Priestess Initiations at the Amon Ra Oracle Priestess Temple, where the secret teachings of the Goddess were once held. Finish the day by soaking in the hot springs loved by Cleopatra and let her assist in integrating feminine soul codes from all your priestess past lives. 

3/11: Siwa Spa Day

A day to receive and give healing, enjoy the resort spa treatments and swim in the waters of Siwa. 

4/11: Cairo

Fly back to Cairo and visit the new Civilisations Museum. 

A leisure day to rest and relax. 

5/11: Alexandria

Drive to Alexandria where a full day of taking in all Alexandria's powerspots will take place. Visit the Alexandria Library, enjoy the exquisite seafood and famous fruit shakes, speak truth at the Roman Amphitheatre and Underwater Sphinx Gallery. 

We will stay overnight in Alexandria to fully maximise our time here. 

6/11: Alexandria

Explore more of Alexandria today through the Cleopatra Codes and visit more powerspots. Prepare to drive back to Cairo before sunset. 

7/11: Red Sea

Immerse in water healing, ride horses through the water and beaches and open to the Freedom Codes! We will spend a few days with the final initiation training sessions for High Priestess activations, while you restore your spirit with sun, sand, sea and sky!

8/11: Red Sea

High Priestess Training Workshop 

9/11: Red Sea

High Priestess Training Workshop

10/11: Red Sea/ Cairo

Final High Priestess Training & Fly Back to Cairo

Visit to Egyptian Museum (optional)

11/11: Sphinx & Great Pyramid

Prepare for the final ceremony on this special day of global oneness! Your private time in the Great Pyramid and Sphinx will be the experience of a lifetime. Dressed ceremonially and brought into Priestess Ritual, you will partake in a ceremony that began in ancient Egypt and awakens again in the modern day. 

Final High Priestess Initiations take place in the Kings Chamber and by the paws of the Sphinx. 

Farewell dinner for the group as we prepare to head home....Enjoy a very special farewell from the heart of Egypt!

12/11: Closing Ceremony in Cairo

Our epic journey has come to an end!

After breakfast, our group will prepare for departure.

A full itinerary will be provided before the journey with all needed details. The itinerary is subject to change without notice, according to current conditions and safety precautions. 


Tjasa Dorelay, Modern Oracle, Slovenia

This tour is a must-go! Yvette is a super goddess.

 Rita, Singapore

During the temple blessing, when Yvette placed her hands on the temple walls, I felt an energy move through the whole space, like the lights had been turned on. The last time I felt an energy so powerful was at the Bosnian Pyramids.

 Patrizia, Switzerland

The highest level of magic and unconditional love.

Eve, Malaysia

After this journey I am a huge fan of Aurora Alchemy!


_U0A6425Womens Day Katrina.jpg

Meet the Goddess Alchemist in the ultimate alchemy adventure tour of Provence and Paris.....

Yvette specializes in sacred site Divine Feminine retreats that take place in Egypt, Cambodia, England, Japan and goddess powerspots, known and unknown. 

Her goddess alchemy trainings and priestess initiations take place on location, within the heavenly earth temples.

Aurora Alchemy's Egypt retreats have taken place since 2011. This retreat marks the 11-year timeline of global transformation that call in the Golden Age of Humanity and the Age of Aquarius. 

Yvette is completing the final stage of her PHD on the Divine Goddess and Goddess Pilgrimages to sacred sites of the feminine. Egypt is the altar on which her research has been formed and has a special place in her heart. It is also the ancestral home of the sacred oils of Aurora Alchemy. Each oil in the Aurora range is attuned to the energies of the Egyptian temples and work as keys of consciousness into their energies. 

Join Yvette and her sacred circle of light on this sensory awakening into the ancient ritual practices of anointing, guided by the Egyptian lineage of priestess ceremony...

....into the portals of the Goddess Isis and all her temples of Egypt at this epic time of world catharsis and return to light.

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