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Join our exclusive membership circle

The Star Tribe Membership package:

  • Monthly Live Channelled Workshop with Yvette & Mothership Group

  • Selection of meditations and workshops to access on the Aurora member portal

  • Access to a curated selection of previous Aurora Alchemy online retreats (excluding Egypt Cyberpilgrimage & Crop Circle Meditations)

  • Regular discounts and sales for Star Tribe members 

  • Live Access to 2 Virtual Ceremonies at the Sphinx and Great Pyramid during our Egypt pilgrimage in Feb 2022

The Mothership Membership package: 

  • Weekly Sunday Sessions with the Mothership Tribe (2 hour duration)

  • Daily Access to Egypt pilgrimage in Feb 2022 (22 day online virtual retreat)

  • Weekly energy updates and meditations

  • Private Facebook group

  • 20% discount on trainings and retreats

  • Members specials and limited edition products with every order

  • Exclusive events for Mothership members on festivals and holidays

  • A running series of online retreats to access on the Mothership portal

  • Full access to all previous Aurora Alchemy retreats, including the pre-recorded Egypt Virtual Retreat

  • Personal Initiations and Group Readings










What is the difference between the memberships?

The Star Tribe and Mothership memberships are completely different energetic offerings.

Star Tribers get a monthly workshop, with support during the month through an online portal where more workshops and meditations can be accessed. There is no community page for this level of membership, so it is designed to be a self-paced journey that can fit into any lifestyle routine. There will be live access and a chance to ask questions during the monthly workshop, and an opportunity to check in with Yvette and other tribe members. 

Time commitment per week: 30 mins to 1 hour (ideal self-paced time quotient)

Mothership membership is a far more intensive program, with weekly 2 hour workshops that require integration time and reflection during the week. This level is suitable for those wishing to speed up their spiritual journey, experience multidimensional modalities of alchemy and have a curated spiritual experience through the world of the Goddess Mysteries. Mothership is an alchemy container that offers transformation and initiated awakenings. It is a personal as well as collective experience within the chamber of alchemy. There is a close-knit goddess community in the Mothership, with members from around the world. 

Time commitment per week: 2 hours minimum, ideally turning up live for transmissions for full effect. 

The Mothership schedule is an ongoing, running series of virtual cyber-pilgrimages. Mothership members have journeyed through Egypt, Japan, the Shamanic Realms, the Crop Circles and the worlds of Avalon, Southern France (Mary Magdalene Trail) and the Stars.




Star Tribe is for you if:

  •  You want to meet your spirit guides and spiritual healing team

  • You seek an awakening with the Goddess

  • You are curious about ascension and the light body

  • You love Aurora oils and would like to discover more about alchemy 

  • You have a busy schedule but would like to speed up on spiritual wellness in 2022

  • You would like the option of cancelling membership when you wish

  • You prefer monthly payments

Cost: $57 monthly or $555 yearly ($46 per month)



Mothership is for you if:

- You have prioritised your spiritual growth in 2022 and require personalised guidance

- You have an interest in training in alchemical modalities (crystals, sacred geometry, shamanism, vibrational oils, healing, oracles, sound)

- You have worked with Aurora oils and wish to go deeper into the alchemy 

- You would like to discover your Goddess lineage and gifts

- You want to open up your intuition and work with the Goddesses as your path

- You have space in your weekly schedule for quantum accelerated growth!

- You are seeking your unique soul purpose

- You are seeking Academy-level workshop sessions (similar content to certification programmes)

- You are prepared to commit to a 12 month membership period for ultimate alchemical transformation 

- You want to be on the Egypt journey in 2022! 

The Mothership rate breaks down to just $18 per week for a 2 hour channelled live workshop and a library of meditation resources and sacred experiences that will awaken, liberate and challenge you to be all that you came here to be! It is an incredible opportunity to leverage the energies and powers of 2022, at a cost that will not be noticed at a material level, but promises a lifetime of transformative results!






Now for the Guardian at the Gateway.....should you choose to go further....

The memberships are not for you if:

- You have never used an Aurora Alchemy oil and don't intend to work with oils

- You do not enjoy a multicultural global exchange and worldview

- You are a believer in conspiracy theories and movements

- You are not culturally open and diverse

- You do not have a sincere intention to grow within a safe and loving container

- You are holding on to the patriarchal timeline and energies, or resistant to Goddess flow

- You have severe trauma issues that require personal space to process and specialised attention from a therapist

- You only accept God as a He  

All genders are welcome. LGBTQ safe space. 




The upgraded member portal allows access to all our previous workshops, as well as the online retreats for Egypt (9 workshops) and Japan (7 workshops).
Both focus on the Goddess temples and energies and function as spiritual cyberpilgrimages, where your soul travels into sacred sites for healing.
Here is a list of additional workshop series you will access on the Mothership:

MAY & JUNE 2021

Crop Circle Connections: Decoding the Universe's Language! 

For all intrigued by the crop circles, this is the magical moment we head into the fields of the star temples! We will journey into crop circles past, but also we will be taken into every crop circle energy field that manifests in 2021. Discover the incoming light templates of the New Earth!


JULY 2021

The Aurora Virtual Spa

As we release a new collection of Beauty Rituals skincare based on ancient beauty wisdom, learn self-love and goddess embodiment with luscious face oils and balms, crystal technology and self-healing beauty rituals from the Venusian goddesses.

Experience the time-tested ceremonial rituals of the Divine Feminine with our online virtual spa! 




Lionsgate 8/8 Egyptian Royal Ceremony

Through August, the Lionsgate energies open the royal Egyptian codes from Sirius. During this magical transition, the Great Cat Queens will guide you deeper into the Egyptian mysteries and initiations in preparation for the galactic openings in 2022. 

Those planning to be in Egypt in 2022 will find this indispensable as preparation for the upcoming retreat. 



Introduction to Shamanism

A 6 part initiation into the basics of shamanism.

Shamanism is foundational healing knowledge that I rely on and have been initiated into at many levels. The universal understandings of Shamanism work across all cultures and belief systems.

In this series of workshops, you will:

1. Journey to the Underworld to find your power animal

2. Journey to the Upper Realm to find your spirit guide

3. Seeking your magical name

4. Speaking to tree spirits and nature connections

5. Shamanic soul retrieval 

6. How to be an everyday shaman - oracles, signs and using magical substances for connection



Oracles of the Moon

To end a year of activations, we launch a series of highly requested workshops for readers and psychics!

In this workshop series:

1. Learn to read from any card deck or oracle

2. Tarot spreads and initiations

3. Dreamwork, decoding your psychic dreams

4. Creating a shell oracle with Mary Magdalene

5. Creating a stone oracle with the Goddesses

6. Inner Child card decks




Crystals of the Ascension

In 2022, the Atlantean Crystal Pyramids and 5th dimensional earth crystals awaken throughout the planet, opening a time of light for the world and the return of ancient wonders that have not been seen for eons. This series on the master crystalline frequencies and crystal stargates of the ascension will activate your crystalline body and bring you into the 5th dimension at light speed. 

This month:

1. Master Crystals of the Ascension

2. Master Crystals of the Ascension 

3. Crystals of Atlantis and Lemuria

4. Crystal Magic Altars, Chambers and Caves - Meditations and Healings with Crystals


Egypt Galactic Mystery School

Starting on 2-2-2022, we begin our expedition into the sacred land of Egypt, where there will be daily transmissions and downloads from the temples of Egypt, and a direct live session every day of this cosmic month of the New Earth catalysing into being. You will be dialled in to the journey as a virtual pilgrim, and get to experience Egypt through the eyes and pathways of the Goddess. Each day also includes Aurora workshops and sharing, revelation from the temples and evening blessing and anointing sessions. There are no limits to how we can connect and receive in the virtual space, as we bring in our crystalline light bodies through this Grand Anchoring of the Sirius Mystery Schools of the Goddess.  

This month:

1. Daily broadcasts from Egypt, with special daily rituals and sessions

2. Audio meditations and reflections from the Egyptian chambers

3. Sphinx and Kings Chamber Ceremony on special cosmic dates

4. Initiations and Certification for completing the mystery school journey

MARCH 2022

Movie Month

This month, the Aurora Mothership will host a series of watch parties on Spiritual Codes and Messages in film. Among the selection of movies on the watch list are Mary Magdalene, Dune, Wonder Woman and the Hunger Games series. 

I will also be re-releasing the Mary Magdalene Pilgrimage to France and Glastonbury. Videos will be uploaded along with a special Mary Magdalene ceremony! 

In April, membership doors re-open and the next 6 months of our schedule will be released at that time. 

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