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Join our exclusive membership circle

The Star Tribe Membership package:

  • Monthly Live Channelled Workshop with Yvette & Mothership Group

  • Selection of meditations and workshops to access on the Aurora member portal

  • Access to a curated selection of previous Aurora Alchemy online retreats (excluding Egypt Cyberpilgrimage & Crop Circle Meditations)

  • Regular discounts and sales for Star Tribe members 

  • Private Facebook Group


The Mothership Membership package: 

  • Weekly Sunday Sessions with the Mothership Tribe (120 mins)

  • Private Facebook group

  • 10% discount on trainings and retreats

  • Member Gifts

  • Exclusive events on festivals and holidays

  • Full access to all previous Aurora Alchemy retreats, including the pre-recorded Egypt Virtual Retreat

  • Personal Initiations and Group Readings


What is the difference between the memberships?

The Star Tribe and Mothership memberships are different energetic offerings.

Star Tribers get a monthly workshop, with support during the month through an online portal where more workshops and meditations can be accessed. Each monthly workshop features a Goddess and her associated oil. There will be live access and a chance to ask questions during the monthly workshop, and an opportunity to check in with Yvette and other tribe members. 

Time commitment per week: 30 mins to 1 hour (ideal self-paced time quotient)

Goddess workshops are held every first Sunday of the month at 9pm NZ time. 

Mothership membership is more intensive, with weekly 2 hour workshops taking place every Sunday night 9pm NZ. This level is suitable for those wishing to speed up their spiritual journey, experience multidimensional modalities of alchemy and have a curated spiritual experience through the world of the Goddess Mysteries. Mothership is an alchemy container that offers transformation and initiated awakenings. It is a personal as well as collective experience within the chamber of alchemy. There is a close-knit goddess community in the Mothership, with members from around the world. 

Time commitment per week: 2 hours, ideally turning up live for transmissions for full effect. 

Mothership sessions take place every Sunday evening at 9pm NZ time. 



The upgraded member portal allows access to all our previous workshops, as well as the online retreats for Egypt (9 workshops) and Japan (7 workshops).
Both focus on the Goddess temples and energies and function as spiritual cyberpilgrimages, where your soul travels into sacred sites for healing.
Here is a list of additional workshop series you will access on the Mothership:
Crop Circle Connections: Decoding the Universe's Language! 

Discover the incoming light templates of the New Earth!

The Aurora Virtual Spa

Experience the time-tested ceremonial rituals of the Divine Feminine with our online virtual spa! 

Crystals of the Ascension

In 2022, the Atlantean Crystal Pyramids and 5th dimensional earth crystals awaken throughout the planet, opening a time of light for the world and the return of ancient wonders that have not been seen for eons. This series on the master crystalline frequencies and crystal stargates of the ascension will activate your crystalline body and bring you into the 5th dimension at light speed. 

This month:

1. Master Crystals of the Ascension

2. Master Crystals of the Ascension 

3. Crystals of Atlantis and Lemuria

4. Crystal Magic Altars, Chambers and Caves - Meditations and Healings with Crystals

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