Join the Star Tribe, Hop on Board the Mothership or join our exclusive VIP membership circle

Aurora Star Tribe Membership is for you if:

  • You are looking for a monthly activation with the Goddesses

  • You need a shot of inspiration regularly from the Divine Feminine

  •  You have limited time and space for your spiritual purpose

  •  You need remote healing support from a tribe of light

  • You seek a deeper connection with the Goddesses and their use of sacred oil technology

Aurora Mothership Membership is for you if:

  •  You are amping up for a year of initiation into the Mysteries of the Goddess

  • You are looking for weekly spiritual support sessions and workshops

  • You want to take online journeys to sacred power spots such as Egypt, Japan and France

  • You are exploring different modalities and soul powers/ gifts on your spiritual path

  •  You are awakening and actively training your psychic senses

  • You are looking to move into advanced levels of meditation 

  •  You would like to access an online portal of unlimited Aurora Alchemy content such as meditations and workshops

  • You would like to join a community of global activators in a nurturing container

  •  You are ready to join the Aurora Alchemy adventure in the new cycle!

VIP Membership is for you if: 

  • You want everything from the Mothership Membership plus full sets of all the oils and essences! 

  • You need personal support in private VIP Group Healing sessions

  • You are training to awaken your soul gifts at a professional level 

  • You seek deeper initiations into the alchemies of the oils and the Goddess

  • You are in a Goddess Embodiment process

Welcome on board our lightship to the stars, and into the rainbow alchemy world of Aurora. We hope you have a wonderful experience with the Goddesses who have called your soul here. 

With love, 

Yvette & Barney & all at Aurora Alchemy 


Monthly activation workshop every first Sunday of the month, to be held at 9pm New Zealand (GMT+13)

Duration : 2 hours

Each month focuses on a Goddess and her oil tedhnology from the Aurora Alchemy range. 


Additional weekly workshops in addition to monthly Star Tribe activation workshop 


Crop Circle Connections & Sacred Geometry Cards: Decoding the Universe's Language! 

For all intrigued by the crop circles, this is the magical moment we head into the fields of the star temples! We will journey into crop circles past, but also we will be taken into every crop circle energy field that manifests in 2021. There will be spontaneous member sessions when crop circles appear....look out from this news feed from the Universal Guardians! 

Discover the incoming light templates of the New Earth!



The Aurora Virtual Spa

As we release a new collection of Beauty Rituals skincare based on ancient beauty wisdom, learn self-love and goddess embodiment with luscious face oils and balms, crystal technology and self-healing beauty rituals from the Venusian goddesses.

Experience the time-tested ceremonial rituals of the Divine Feminine with our online virtual spa! 

Mary Magdalene Feast Day & Priestess of Avalon Workshop

A special collaboration with the Magdalene Chapel in Glastonbury to bring you the energies from Mary Magdalene's sacred vortex. We will also experience an ancient incense-making workshop with the Alchemist of the Magdalene Chapel and learn how the Magdalene's sacred incense recipe has been passed down through the centuries. 

A sacred experience direct from the divine. 



Lionsgate 8/8 Egyptian Royal Ceremony

Through August, the Lionsgate energies open the royal Egyptian codes from Sirius. During this magical transition, the Great Cat Queens will guide you deeper into the Egyptian mysteries and initiations in preparation for the galactic openings in 2022. 

Those planning to be in Egypt in 2022 will find this indispensable as preparation for the upcoming retreat. 

Also, be the first to work with 

- A new card deck of the Symbols of the Goddess Isis



Introduction to Shamanism

A 6 part initiation into the basics of shamanism.

Shamanism is foundational healing knowledge that I rely on and have been initiated into at many levels. The universal understandings of Shamanism work across all cultures and belief systems.

In this series of workshops, you will:

1. Journey to the Underworld to find your power animal

2. Journey to the Upper Realm to find your spirit guide

3. Seeking your magical name

4. Speaking to tree spirits and nature connections

5. Shamanic soul retrieval 

6. How to be an everyday shaman - oracles, signs and using magical substances for connection



Oracles of the Moon

To end a year of activations, we launch a series of highly requested workshops for readers and psychics!

In this workshop series:

1. Learn to read from any card deck or oracle

2. Tarot spreads and initiations

3. Dreamwork, decoding your psychic dreams

4. Creating a shell oracle with Mary Magdalene

5. Creating a stone oracle with the Goddesses

6. Inner Child card decks


In addition, the upgraded member portal allows access to all our previous workshops, and the online retreats for Egypt and Japan. 

Packed with meditations and guidance from the divine feminine, a journey of epic awakening awaits....