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Nature's Magical Essence

There are substances which have held the world in thrall for centuries. Hearing of their benefits, men have journeyed all over the world to seek them out. Spices and herbs began the planetary trade route, as the first trades allowed for sharing of treasures from land to land. Since antiquity, the most prized of treasures were oils for healing and precious perfumes. ​

Aurora Alchemy was created with the ancient traditions of honouring the body in mind. Our elixirs hark back to the healing systems of East and West, blending ancient wisdom and immortal practices for the modern lifestyle warrior. 

The magical, the exotic, the legendary - unusual florals, rare herbs, mystical oils - are the stuff our dreams are made of, as well as the components in many of our blends. Oils used in ancient Egypt and traditional alchemy texts complete our endless fascination with extraordinary plant essences that have endured with us through time.

7 types of alchemy are embedded in an Aurora potion, including crystal, magnet and sound therapies, creating a complex blend with multilayered healing purposes and incredible energy properties.  


You will find wondrous senses stirred in our Apothecary and Scent Temple - through each bottle you encounter, an odyssey of sensory pleasure awaits you. 

Organic & Handcrafted

There is nothing quite like the quality of an Aurora Alchemy oil. The rich scented potion brims with potent essential oils, in an elixir-like base of Sweet Almond and Vitamin E. The oil slips easily on, its silken first touch turning into a creamy body massage lotion which takes some minutes to be fully absorbed by skin.


Our blends contain organic first-grade essential oils grown around the world. Sourcing and working with amazing oils is our brand philosophy and open secret.  Our oils are safe enough to be ingested for they are made from the purest, most beautiful tonics from nature. 


Handcrafted in our artisanal laboratory workshop in New Zealand, we specialise in transformational aromatherapy that loves the skin, heals the body, uplifts the emotions and nourishes the spirit. A win-win-win all round. Each batch is unique, containing the special energies of the cosmic forces during the time of mixing.

Every crystal is specially selected for individual bottles. All our herbs and flowers are gathered by hand. We regard our process of conscious harvesting part of what gives the potions their innate power. Awareness of nature's consciousness and our intent brings purpose and light to creation.  


The most important ingredient we put in is love, the divine feminine force that has motivated the brand for over a decade. The care we put into our oils resonates with the self-care journey that you embark on when you anoint your skin with an Aurora Alchemy oil. 



We stand by a decade of education and testimony about the power of essential oils. It is imperative to use only the best. Essential oils are nature's most powerful essences and are costly to distill and produce. Cheap essential oils are almost always adulterated with few of the original benefits left intact. The cost of fine essential oils may be daunting, but completely worth it. They are scent and sense bombs, able to shift conditions and consciousness faster than any other substance on earth!


We never use adulterated or synthetic ingredients. We rarely source oils from commercial centres such as Egypt or India, where a great deal of dilution takes place, to avoid this issue. We only purchase from credible sustainable sources and support smaller growers. We have travelled to locations all over the world to seek out the sources of precious substances, and our journeys have led us to the true essences that have the power to take our breath away....and give us back once more the true power of our breath. 

Our authenticity and integrity and passion for excellence are our hallmarks. Aurora Alchemy oils have been known to last for up to a decade - a feat once considered impossible for an organic essential oil blend. Our worldwide collective of users are also collectors, treasuring their oils on their altars, workspaces and carrying them wherever they go. Our bottles are rarely thrown away, and can be re-used as vessels for floral waters and crystal infusions. 

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