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12 Temples of Initiation
A Galactic Mystery School Egypt Tour

The Alchemist’s Journey into the Keys of Ascension

The keys of Egypt and the Atlantean grids have awakened!


Starts Sunday 12 May 2024, 8-10 pm NZ

Through 12 weeks of journeying, you will come into connection with the Egyptian Neteru, the guides of nature and the secrets encoded within the pyramids - secrets which are personally understood through the soul’s evolution of lifetimes.


A great return to Egypt is here for the earth, as souls are called into the temples to receive soul parts which have been awaiting the moment of global ascension - a time where we will all rise together into the new frequencies of the Aquarian Age.


A golden era is here, one that was scripted in Ancient Egypt, ready for the wisdom keepers of the future to step into, as one great soul family.

The sisterhood of light and the global feminine are resurrecting, and the power of the feminine voice is resonating through the planet.

The Goddess takes her place to release her song.

The Aurora light family of archangels and dragons supports the earth during this global awakening, through cosmic rays from the planetary mystery schools that are reconnected to the earth at this time.


Through the higher technologies of the mystery teachings and practices, humanity can begin to unlock once again the sacred protocols of quantum energy and alchemical technology that once supported the creation of the temples of Egypt and the Atlantean civilization.


Together, let’s explore the return of the Divine feminine temples of the priestesses, with sacred rituals and codes that have been waiting for you to recall.


If you feel a deep connection to Egypt, Atlantis or Lemuria, this experience will open your soul knowledge and gifts related to these great civilization timelines.

When you next visit Egypt and enter the temples, you will be an initiated priestess of Isis and able to open the galactic mystery school doorways that are hidden within various sites.

You will work with healing symbols of Egypt to open these gateways and ensure safe passage through all realms and dimensions.

Embark on a transformational journey through the mystical realms of ancient Egypt, where the veils between worlds have lifted, and the wisdom of the ages is now in revelation.

Our hybrid retreat blends live experiences with virtual connections, allowing participants to immerse themselves in the sacred energies of Egypt from anywhere in the world.

Cost: $88 per session / $880 for the full 12 weeks 

Tour Highlights:
a look into what’s in store

Giza, Pyramids, Sphinx, and Thoth (12 May)


- Explore the mysteries of the Emerald Keys and Metatron's guidance.
 - Learn the secrets of Merlin and the Earth Grids.
 - Discover the Orion connections and Ascension Codes.
 - Understand the art of entering the Pyramids, Sphinx, and accessing Akashic Records.

Philae and Isis Temples (19 May)


  - Delve into the Water Codes and Sirius connections.
 - Visit the Cat Temples and enter the Masters Academy.
 - Experience the Blue Ray Holders and the teachings of the Blue Lotus Order.

Karnak (26 May)


  - Encounter the Cat Queens of Lyra and Sirius, and undergo the Tantric Lioness Initiation.
 - Dive deep into Sphinx and her Shamanic Master Codes.
 - Embrace the Fierce Feline energy for personal transformation.

Dendara (2 June)


  - Experience the Beauty Codes of Venus through the Venusian mystery schools.
 - Align with star energies and unlock the Cosmic Womb Codes.
 - Reconnect with the Divine Feminine Essence within.

Siwa Oasis (9 June)


  - Visit the Oracle Temple of Aphrodite and immerse in the magical aura of Cleopatra’s Pool.
 - Journey through the Sand Sea and Oasis for Origin Codes.
 - Undergo Galactic Recalibration with the Blue Lotus Sisterhood

Abu Simbel (16 June)


  - Stand before the Great Door of Destiny and receive the Lady of the Lake's blessings.
 - Engage in the Excalibur Initiation and Ramses Lineage Healing.
 - Activate the Twin Dragon energies for balance and empowerment.

Valley of Kings (23 June)


  - Experience Pharaonic Resurrection and Egypt’s Global Codes.
 - Journey into Future Timelines and receive the Nuit Initiation.
 - Activate Golden Dragon energies and explore the Kinglines.

Kom Ombo (30 June)


  - Discover Medical Codes and ancient Healing Arts.
 - Explore Mummification & Surgery practices of the past.
 - Connect with Warrior Gods of Egypt and the magnification of healing energies.

Edfu (July 7)

Screenshot 2024-05-04 at 6.24.56 PM.png

  - Work with the Ra Codes as you undergo the Horus initiation.
 - Attune to Light Mastery and awaken the Christ Code within.

Luxor (July 14)


   - Explore the Body of Man and the Innerspace of Cosmic Creation.
  - Connect to the etheric sanctuary of Osiris that is located over Luxor Temple

Valley of Queens (July 21)


   - Receive Nefertari Codes and connect with High Priestesses and Queens of Egypt
  - Experience the Cosmic Womb and participate in the Rebirth Ritual.
  - Journey with Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene as carriers of the Isis lineage.

Golden Temple (July 28)


   - Unite the Mysteries and experience the power of the Flower of Life.
  - Connect with the divine essence of unity and oneness at Abydos
- Discover the sacred keys of Osiris at the holy pilgrimage site of the kings



- Live online sessions 
- Virtual tours of each temple with in-depth teachings and meditations.
- Sacred rituals, ceremonies, and initiations tailored for personal growth.
- Mentorship and community support for integration practices.
- Access to exclusive resources and materials for ongoing learning.

**Join us on this extraordinary journey to unlock the ancient wisdom of Egypt and awaken the mysteries within. Reserve your place now and step into a world of galactivated sensory wellbeing!**

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