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Dreamy florals of Frangipani, Lotus & Jasmine in a magical night garden of blossoming emergence... the Death & Rebirth of Persephone marks the formidable transition between winter & spring. Let Persephone be the  queenly guide who leads you safely back to the light. 


Queen of the Night is the essence of renewal during or after the dark night of the soul. It releases stuck situations, enabling fearful thoughts to transform into appreciation of life’s great mysteries. As one door closes, another one opens. This oil is best used as a night-time companion to Joyful Surrender. Combined, these potions are a sure-fire recipe for change!

Queen of the Night Persephone Potion

SKU: 0005
  • Applications:

    Embrace the unknown & walk free into a light-filled new day! These tips will help you to maximise the death & rebirth experience, transforming it into a journey of self-discovery & empowerment.


    Ask the Angels 

    This crown chakra potion opens up higher connections to  light masters & angelic beings. Use 3 drops on forehead & scalp to transform negative thoughts into positive actions. 


    The Queen Treatment

    Slather 2 dropperfuls (20 drops) of Queen Oil mixed into warmed coconut oil for a deep moisturizing body temple initiation. 


    Crown of Stars

    Blend 10-30 drops of Queen oil into argan oil to create a shiny hair treatment & keep the crown chakra in high activation. 


    Expect rapid transformations to take place after using this potion, however you decide to use it!

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