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Cleopatra and the ancient Egyptian Queens invite you to a powerful rebirth retreat to reunite you with the ancient feminine essence that is rising through the earth....


Come join us in sacred ceremony as you are initiated into the beauty secrets of the queens and Goddesses. Through working with the Heavenly Constellation of the face and body, you will work with the 13 dimensions of Goddess healing. 


Activating your oils with the use of crystals to facilitate healing will be a key learning during this training course. Learn the rituals of rebirth practised by the High Priestesses of Isis, and be initiated into the Order of the Blue Lotus, also known as the Mystery School of Isis. 


This is an in-person retreat that takes place during the season of the Pleaides here in New Zealand. Facial massages and training sessions take place every day, along with a Yin Yoga intensive workshop with cacao and gong, henna body art, and a 24k gold facial treatment. 


Day 1 : 

Meet at our Muriwai Retreat Center & Check in 

Settling in for Rebirth : Oracle Circle

Rebirth Treatment Day 1 : Facial & Body Massage (1 hour)

Sauna & Spa 


Day 2: 

Chi Morning Exercises & Ocean Meditation

Facial Alchemy workshop 

Rebirth Treatment Day 2 : Facial Massage Training 

Sauna & Spa


Day 3: 

Crystal Alchemy workshop

Rebirth Treatment Day 3: Crystal Massage Training

Sauna & Spa

Yin Yoga Intensive with Cacao and Gong


Day 4: 

Sunrise Ceremony

Golden Pharaoh Treatment with sound massage healing 

24K gold facial 




Golden Pharaoh of the Pleiades Retreat

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