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Set in an olive oil base & prepared according to ancient scriptures, holy oils of Spikenard, Cedarwood, Lotus & Frankincense form the woody foundation of the cloak of the Mother. The Mother, Maiden, Crone represents the stages of womanhood that all must be initiated into, through the Triple Goddess World Mother.


Giant awakenings of divine feminine knowledge flower through the universal mysteries held within this oil. When used during ceremonies & rituals, this blend of truth, nourishment & regeneration awakens the ancient wisdom of Priestesses & Seers. It brings comfort & divine love with just one application. To use, fill palms with oil and allow the oils to drip over skin & hair for consecration of the Goddess within. 

Triple Goddess Moon Potion

SKU: 0015
  • Applications:

    Triple Goddess Moon Potion restores the connection to the earth and attunes the wearer to the cycles of life that govern us all. It renews the natural rhythms and reinstates divine feminine consciousness through nurturing, nourishment and regeneration.


    As its ingredients facilitate powerful expansion of spirit, Triple Goddess is best called upon when one undertakes challenging tasks, is assigned a new important role, or desires to leap forward in personal transformation. 


    This is the "Oil of the Powerhouse". It is ideally worn all over the body to assist in supporting the additional energy one channels during times of great shift and transition. Daily massage with this oil will result in a feeling of empowerment and ease, as one flows with all there is. 


    Baths infused with 15-30 drops of Triple Goddess may shift sleep patterns into regularity, and when worn in the day, the essences of Frankincense, Lavender and Lotus imbue wearers with a sense of impermeable calm even amidst chaos. The olive oil base and precious oils combine to create one of our range's most ancient and traditional recipes - a revelation to the skin as much as it is an epiphany for the spirit. 


    This is an elixir of deep connection and is best used for group gatherings, circles and to anchor into powerspots and earth vortexes. Use for prayer, ceremony, upliftment of energy, blessings and to become One with the Divine Feminine. 

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