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Matariki is the ancestral star rising of the Pleiades, celebrated in New Zealand as the indigenous New Year. The 7 Sisters of the stars are the Pleiadian mothers of creation, shining their rays of original light onto the earth to start the new cycle. 


In commemoration of the colour rays of creation, Aurora Alchemy is releasing 6 Matariki limited edition boxes containing a precious assortment of vibrational magic. 2 are still available for sale!


The Wishing Candles have been made of delicate beeswax wrap containing herbs, crystals, flower petals and specific intentions for each candle, to be revealed in your box especially for you. Each has been rolled with prayer, mantra and prepared with oils, goddess intentions, and magic, awaiting this day of arriving to you. 


The candles are an alchemical creation inspired by the magical candle in the movie Stardust, which instantly transports the holder to a desired destination. Use the accompaying Aurora colour vibration oils to anoint the candle with your wishes and intentions, to create a candle magic ritual for Matariki. 


A healing spice tea from the Goddess Lakshmi accompanies the ritual. Just half a teaspoon to 1 teaspoon of this earthy tonic in milk or water, with some honey if desired, will help ground your intentions into creation. Drink a cup a day for energized health and a brain boost. 


To set the space for your ritual, use the 7 Flower Crown Spray in the air and over your crown chakra to create a channel of light connecting to the Pleaides. Our limited edition Matariki special is created with 7 sacred floral absolutes connected to the Pleaides and the chakras - Rose Otto, Mimosa, Lotus, Jasmine, Osmanthus, Tuberose, Neroli - truly the most heavenly mix it is possible to imagine!


May you feel the ancestral power of your star heritage this Matariki. May the stories of the ancient ones come alive in us all once again.


Each box contains:

- Stardust Wishing beeswax wrap candle containing flowers, herbs, crystals and specific intentions (value priceless!)

- 2 Aurora Alchemy oils (value $150)

- 1 Lakshmi Spice Jamu Tea (black pepper, tumeric, galangal, ginger) (30g) (value $35)

- 7 Sister Flower Crown Spray (limited edition Matariki special) (15ml) (value $25)


Colours Available: (please see images for accompanying oils)Green Heart Chakra Box : Rebirth & Inner Alchemy

Purple Third Eye Box : Vision & Dreaming Creation into Being



Blue Throat Chakra Box

Red Base Chakra Box

Orange Sacral Chakra Box

White Crown Chakra Box : Purification & Receiving Heavenly Gifts


Aurora members can use code MATARIKI10 to receive a member discount of 10%


Matariki Wishing Star Box

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