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Discover our premier anointing oil range, created during the Royal Coronation, embodying the sacred intentions and purpose of the holy anointing oil tradition. Made with ingredients used in the royal anointing oil, our 3 Chrism oils are alchemical concoctions that offer the ultimate sacred experience. 


The collection of Chrism oils has been imbued with ceremonial blessings and comes as a set of 3 x 30ml amber bottles. The range includes:


Chrism of the Queen : the anointing oil of divine feminine transformation

Chrism of the Cat : the anointing oil of the Lion, primal power and instinctive strength

Chrism of the Miraculous : the soothing balm of Mother Mary's miracles 



Anoint with Queen oil in the morning, Cat oil in the afternoon, and Miraculous oil before bed, to receive the full benefits of the range in a day. A drop of any Chrism oil can be added to skincare, body lotions, haircare products etc to consecrate and bless the items. 



Oils should not be mixed together but used separately 


Collect all 3 premium blends at a special price for a limited time with our introductory offer! 



Chrism Collection

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