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Air-cleanser and space-clearing spray designed for awakening the crown chakra. Wear the Goddess Crown of Stars! 


Portable handy travel spray to carry with you as you brave the world. 


7 Sisters Flower Spray is made from 7 precious flowers of the earth, representing the 7 rays of creation. Absolutes of Rose, Jasmine, Mimosa, Tuberose, Hyacinth, Honeysuckle and Lotus in energized spring water balance the chakras, attuning them to the celestial song of creation. Each flower represents one of the 7 stars of the Pleiades, with its unique scent signature and vibrational medicine. Together, they bring together the essence of Sacred Sisterhood, and are the circle of stars that protect the Divine Feminine on earth. 


Use this spray to call in ceremony and sacred circle, to open connections to the Pleiadian star sisters and to your divine feminine star lineage. 


This is a fine oil spray like no other. Its heavenly fragrance surrounds you in a fragrant floral cloud, instantly awakens the crown chakra, as the feeling of a crown of flowers settles around the head immediately after spraying.


The precious absolutes in this oil are the finest oils in the world, making this a face tonic worthy of status as a fine perfume. Mist lightly on face as a toner before applying facial oil, and on pulse points to lift a weary spirit. 


All the flower oils in this spray are tuned to the vibrations of the higher dimensions, opening connections to the angelic realms and messages from the divine. Let the angelic scent vibrations of the 7 Sisters ascend you into 7th Heaven!



Floral Absolutes of Rose, Jasmine, Lotus, Honeysuckle, Tuberose, Hyacinth, Lotus, in pure energized spring water. Shake before using. 

7 Sisters Matariki Pleiades Flower Spray

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