Aurora Masterclass Series

The Aurora Alchemy Masterclass Channel brings you a monthly masterclass from the Goddesses to transform your consciousness and life in 2021! 

Each monthly workshop is live streamed to you, tuning you in to the Divine Feminine healing technologies and energy of the Goddesses guiding the transmissions. 

The Aurora Masterclass Channel brings you awareness and insight from Mary Magdalene, Mother Mary, Lakshmi and the Goddesses - as we unveil long-awaited ​workshops for amplification in the new timeline! 

Coming up in our Masterclass schedule with release dates:

The Renunciation Healing the Christ Codes (Apr)

Join Mary Magdalene and Mother Mary for a rebirth into divine consciousness, free from the burdens that have been placed on the Christic story and legacy.

The 10 Laws of Lakshmi (May)

Heal poverty and lack consciousness with Lakshmi's survival guide into the New Earth energies. The spiritual value of wealth and abundance comes to you in this affirmation workshop attuning you to your inner worth and true spiritual value. The innate connection to universal nourishment will be strengthened through practising the Laws of Lakshmi. Discover Lakshmi's insights into thriving from your inner space of limitless resource and discover the endless abundance of the Universe in you. 

Monarch Butterfly Essence Training Course (June)

The Monarch Butterflies invite you to their first online workshop in the alchemy of metamorphosis. Learn how to work with the entire range of essences for healing and personal transformation, as well as in your practice. This course is designed to initiate you into the monarch's transformational channelled messages, their energy system of metamorphic transformation and to empower you to transmit their codes of golden light through healing and activating others. 

Aurora Alchemy Facilitator Training Course (July)

Discover how to use the Aurora Alchemy range of goddess potions for super-natural healing. Open into your multidimensional knowledge of vibrational aromatherapy, colour healing, priestess anointing and the alchemy of ancient Egypt during this deep dive into the oils of Aurora and all our rituals of ancient healing empowerments. This is more than a standard training course as it brings in divine codes of the Goddesses, offering a deep healing shift into working with the transformational alchemy of the Goddess.

I hope you enjoy this series of healing transmissions and energy workshops designed to enhance your flow. 

I look forward to seeing you online with me!