Tenkawa Heavenly River Sound Current Retreat

5-12 November 2019

Osaka, Tenkawa, Dorogawa, Kyoto



Japan is shaped like a a dragon and it is meant to be the body of the dragon itself. Our journey takes us into the sacred triangle of spiritual power of Yamato, the heart and birthplace of Japan and its ancient capital. Here, the mercury content of the water purifies the body and aids in enlightenment. From the dragon’s belly, its hara point, we will be birthed again in the waters of sacred Dorogawa, and led into the uterus-like Tenkawa, the site of the “heavenly river” and a spiritual powerspot known to worshippers as a heightened ascension point, and the most excusive shrine in Japan.


Discover Tenkawa Shrine, the theatre of the heavenly world, where meteorites and UFO stories open the gateways to star energies. Here, a recent discovery has revealed the existence of a rock known as Gaia, which was once kept here. This origin and source temple holds divine codes of the Goddess Saraswati. 


Soak in the spiritual waters of the onsens of Japan, while bathing your senses in the richness of the rituals and scents of ancient tradition, Shintoism and the original goddess culture. The crystal nature of the region unlocks many sound healing powers, including working with celestial codes of harmonic vibration. 


Sound healing sessions and anointing rituals will be the key to renewal, with meditations, forest bathing rituals, Zen training and martial arts as part of the immersion experience. A deep and transformational honouring of the Goddess spirit rising within you.


November 5 : Osaka

Celebrate the birthday of Kwan Yin at an ancient temple where she is celebrated as a Mother of the World. This temple was once a secret location known only to emperors, such was its power and ability to grant benefactions. We will spend the day at this temple, and finish the day at a dojo being initiated into the art of Aikido. 


November 6 : Osaka

We start the day with meditation and Aikido, and lunch at the dojo. 

Afternoon discourse on the 5 Rings, the principles of Zen and incense and anointing ceremonies with Aurora Alchemy

Evening - Meditation 


November 7 : Dorogawa

We enter the sacred triangle and the healing waters of Dorogawa, which is said to strengthen spiritual energy. In this picturesque onsen town, a pilgrimage spot of the Shugendo tradition, we will check in for a luxurious 5 nights of water immersions, scenic explorations and spiritual upliftment. Wander in a yukata through the ancient streets and watch ceremony and Japanese ritual take place around you. This is truly a unique experience not to be missed. 



The town is situated at the foot of Mount Omine, one of the spiritual mountains still forbidden for women to access. The significance of our stay here at the foot of this mountain empowers us to retrieve the spiritual codes and messages that have been blocked from the feminine consciousness for eons. 


Today we will pray and meditate to receive the codes of Mt Omine and the sacred spiritual mountains of Japan. We will discover Menfudo limestone caves which accesses a new world of encoded psychic messages and teachings. Guided by the forest fairies and kami of Japan, we enter the spirit of ancient yamato today. 



November 8: Dorogawa

A special day of integration and further exploration of Dorogawa and all its charms.

Today’s temple visit will be to Ryusenji Temple, the Dragon Spring Temple, where a legend of a giant white female snake is held. We will work with the feminine dragon codes to awaken your light body to receive the downloads of light and information. 



Today a hot spring ritual, crystal and sound healing and a forest bathing meditation will accompany your healing journey. 


November 9: Tenkawa

Arrival at Tenkawa shrine by foot from Dorogawa (4.5km hike)

We also move to a hotel near Tenkawa Shrine


Tenkawa Shrine Opening workshop

Oils and incense ceremony workshop


November 10: Tenkawa

exploring Tenkawa crystal mountain and nearby shrine

Hexagon rock

Evening at Tenkawa village


November 11: Tenkawa

11/11 Ceremony at Tenkawa - Goddess sound concert

Sound workshop

Evening at Tenkawa village


November 12: Kyoto

Leave Tenkawa for Kyoto

Kyoto - Golden Temple visit 

Incense workshop

Retreat ends 


USD $2888

Accomodation, food, transport, fees, permissions and healings included. 


This healing spiritual retreat wil encode the crystalline body with cosmic light, upgrading and recalibrating the inner temple to radiate with ascended frequencies. The female buddhas, Saraswati, Kwan Yin and Green Tara will work with each of their lineage holders to polish the inner gem body from karmic impurities and allow the ascension codes to be fully empowered. This means the ascension machinery can activate without hidden blocks and self-sabotage, with all living lineage issues being fully healed from the akashic story.



Guided by Goddess Saraswati, Kwan Yin and the female Buddhas


Led by Alchemist Yvette Sitten


Celestial Pleiadiean Sound Alchemist Izumi Watanabe


About Izumi Mana Kinaki: 

Izumi Watanabe's healing sounds are a manifestation of goddess energy and her albums and channelled divine feminine work are truly remarkable renditions of higher dimensional frequencies. We are proud to work with her songs and sound alchemy to activate the earth and the elements. 

Tenkawa Heavenly River Sound Current Retreat

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