The Mary Magdalene Royal Rebirth Retreat

August 12-18 2019

South of France


A Rejuvenation of the ancient Rebirthing Rituals of the Sacred Oracles and Priestesses of the Magdalene, in the mystery school traditions of Ancient Egypt.


Reawaken and Rekindle your sacred fire. 








12/8 : Caves of Magdalene - The Gateway of the Goddess

Stay at Caves where Mary Magdalene spent the last 30 years of life in prayer and silent contemplation. The vibrational essence of her presence still lingers on here, connecting to those who have stayed true to her teachings. Today we will enter the cavern of rebirth and experience her direct initiations. Womb activations and regenerations take place today as we begn the process of rebirth.


13/8: Caves of Magdalene - Cosmic Womb Space 

Cave Meditations and a visit to the basilica where her skull is reportedly housed. 

Crystal Skull meditations at the church.

Healing Alignments to the Speaking of Truth - connecting to the jawbone of the Magdalene. 

Higher chakra activations and remembrances, past life regression journeys, Akashic reconnections and light body repair and renewal. 


14/8 : St Marie de la Mer, Carmague - Shimmering Waters of Rebirth

Enter the waters where the Magdalene found sanctuary and refuge. We open to the missing and lost codes of the Church and the story of the Christic escape through Egypt and France. The legacy of the Magdalene is stored in her hiding places and sacred story. 


Today is a day of cleansing ritual and preparation for the water rebirthing ritual to come. Let Mary Magdalene and her priestesses of light welcome you into the healing waters of the Mother. Grounding and anchoring the energies of the retreat take place in ceremonial rituals today. 


We are healing all the poisons and parasites in the body during today’s session, through light language, butterfly essences and psychic encodements with geometric symbols and grids. 


15/8: St Marie de la Mer, Carmague - Metamorphosis

Ceremonial birthing ritual in the ocean waters. You will be taken into the waters of the Goddess and activated through prayer, energy transmissions and anointing with alchemy oils. Through this baptismal ritual, the avatar soul consciousness downloads into the body, for a reconnection with the Higher Self powers. This blessing of the sacral chakra is the rebirth of the soul and the arrival of the True Self. 


We will work with the entire range of Monarch essences to facilitate your transformation.  


16/8: Rennes-le-Chateau - Codes of the Holy Grail

Rennes-le-Chateau, the fabled village of Holy Grail and the mysterious treasure, where Magdalene also allegedly preached. Many believe the secrets of the Holy Grail, its lost treasure and the key to enightenment can be found here. Over the past 50 years, this tiny church has been the center of conspiracy theories, looters and all sorts of mysterious activity of the Da Vinci Code sort. 


At this sacred town, we will also seek out the Temple to Isis, who guards over the Mysteries of the Feminine that the Magdalene holds.


We’ll hike to the Mary Magdalene grotto, hidden on a spur of rock facing the village, if there is time. 


Nearby is Rennes-les-Bains, home to rejuvenating hot springs, where we will stay for the next 2 nights. There are more links to Isis here, near Madeleine’s spring, We can also find a majestic stone throne known as the seat of Isis, very close to the Madeleine’s spring.










17/8: Rennes les Bains - Resurrections

Today, you will learn the story of the Cathars Knights with the visit of Minerve. Here, during the Inquisition, more than a hundred of Cathars died on the stake for refusing to renounce their beliefs, rooted in direct mystical contact with the Divine. They were the priesthood of the Magdalene who renounced life to protect her secrets, and their knowledge now returns to all. 


We will re-connect to deep energies at the Dolmen of the Fairies. Located in the middle of a grove of pines, the dolmen is the largest wide-corridor dolmen in South of France. It was built around 3,500 BCE by the people of Veraza culture who honored the Mother Goddess. 


18/8: The Black Madonna Ceremony

The meaning of the “Virgin” revealed as we visit shrines and statues linked to the Black Mother, the hidden and lost face of the feminine, her legacies washed clean once again by the return of the Magdalene. The Mysteries of the Black Madonna are linked to the Cosmic Void, the Womb of  Creation and the forgotten codes of the Divine Feminine powers.


Today we visit the lineage of the Black Virgins through their sacred trail. 



Journey Retreat ends


Journey Costs:

Your accomodation and transport must be booked yourself. Fees are for daily workshops only. 








Our Guides on this journey:


Mary Magdalene, Queen of the Holy Grail

Mother of the Church

Wife of Jesus

The Redemptor

High Priestess of Isis




Sarah La Kali

Goddess of the Gypsy Lineage

Egyptian Lineage Connections

Descendent/ Grail Holder of the Davidian King lines

Kali/Durga manifestation


Led by Alchemist Yvette Sitten


Alchemy Faciitator Patrizia Cotti


Royal Rebirth France Retreat

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