A Shamanic Womb Retreat and Training Academy with the Goddess



An Activating Empowerment Retreat for Priestesses of Mary Magdalene.


Magical Avalon Retreat with oil training workshops, healing treatments, Akashic training, personal oil consultation and powerful land ceremonies. 

Mary Magdalene Feast Day (private meditation blessing) at Magdalene Chapel 

Chalice Well Ceremony  

Sunrise Initiations at Stonehenge (inner stone circle access)

Exploring the Crop Circles (living star temples)

Glastonbury Tor workshop "Golden Light Transmission Codes" 

Glastonbury Zodiac Star Map : Meet the Giants


July 22

We meet in Glastonbury on the Feast Day of Mary Magdalene, where we will meet, gather and initiate a procession to our ceremonial appointment at her temple. Today is a powerful day of her codes opening, so we will spend it in meditation and preparation for the initiations of the evening. 


From 6pm, we are honoured to hold a Magdalene Ceremony for her Feast Day at her chapel, considered to be the most powerful ascension portal in the world, and a magical spot for meditation. 


This evening ceremony in her stone chapel will resonate with celestial frequencies of the harp, ground energies with shamanic drumming, and immerse you in an anointing ceremony known as the Alchemical Marriage, the ceremony most sacred to the Magdalene and her lineages. 


We will end late tonight as we work with the chapel portal and the Magdalene rose energies blossoming in each person.


July 23: Glastonbury


Explore Glastonbury today and the trails of the Magdalene in this labryinth to another world. Enter the Avalon portals through Chalice Well and The White Spring for water cleansings and blessings, Glastonbury Abbey to dive more deeply into the Christic story, and the sleepy Harry Potter-like lanes that characterise Glastonbury town. 


Magic will be in the air as we open to the honouring of the Goddess through the places where she left her mark, and secret traces of the Holy Grail, which will be part of all the legends we explore. The Da Vinci Code unlocks a new dimension!


July 24: Crop Circles


A day in the crop circles. We can see about 3 crop circles a day as some of them are gigantic and it takes time to drive to find them. Our workshops and meditations take place in the circles, along with drum circles to connect to the land. 


July 25: Day Out of Time


The Mayan Day out of Time is a day that exists literally out of time. During this day, it is possible to cross dimensions, jump timelines and manifest new realities. We can upshift into new states simply by what we choose to bring in today.


Our day starts at 5am at Stonehenge, where the megalithic portal awaits us at its optimum time, the moment the first ray of sunlight strikes the first stone. On this spiritual portal day, the importance of being here cannot be underestimated. We are able to travel through No Time to access all things - in ceremony, this is a spiritually heightened moment of prime energy. 


After our Stonehenge ceremony, we proceed to Avebury, where the ancient stone guardians await our arrival. We will spend the morning here, having breakfast, before having a dragon connection workshop and guided meditation walk through the stones. After lunch at Avebury eateries, we continue to explore powerspots in the area before ending our day catching the sunset on Glastonbury Tor. 


July 26: Mayan New Year


Celebrate the New Cycle in the living temples of the crop circles, where the science of sacred geometric shapes and healing come together. Join in communion with a larger group of connected souls and spiritual healers in ceremony in the fields of dreams.


Our retreat ends in the late afternoon, when we will close ceremony and return to Glastonbury for a farewell dinner. 


Overall Themes:

Womb healings, trainings with the oils, Magdalene workshops and initiations will all take place as part of the process of the journey. Guidance continues through the travel elements, along with psychic awakenings and activations at sacred sites.



Pricing for this journey is excluding accomodation and transport. 


Drop in day £111 meet in the crop circles and other locations with your own transport


We wil meet at 10am on 22 July in Glastonbury and travel together by car to various sites.

If you do not have your own vehicle, please let us know. 

Our retreat ends around 5pm on July 26 and we will continue to a farewell dinner for those staying on in Glastonbury.

Mary Magdalene Holy Grail Retreat/ Glastonbury

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