Ganesha is the Hindu God of the removal of all obstacles. Invite Ganesha into your space for protection, blessing and to awaken the energies of the divine child. Play, laughter, freedom from worry and fear are all hallmarks of Ganesha's presence.


This Ganesha crystal beeswax artwork was created during the inception of Wellbeing Alchemy and the Rainbow Alchemy Lab, an art installation featuring the collaborative efforts of Tiffany Singh and Aurora Alchemy. The essence of alchemy, the art of transforming natural materials into a precious elixir, resulted in these semi-permanent organic beeswax sculptures infused with crystals, plant material, and oils.


Each Ganesha statue carries a specific vibration and unique essence. Only 5 statues are available.


Each limited edition Shrine Box comes with a Ganesha statue, 4 Aurora Alchemy Holy Family Collection oils, a Ganesha message and a crystal for your new altar. 


The oils in this range all serve to bond and harmonise family relationships. Triple Goddess is a feminine Mother essence which provides deep nourishment and healing. Beloved is a masculine Father essence of heart balance and healing of poisons and toxins. Diamond Earth is a Child essence which welcomes in new light. Swan Shift harmonises and balances sacred relationship and marriage, enabling communication and passion to flourish. Together they work as a series of energy balancers for individuals as well as for the group. 


The Holy Family range was created with the intention of sacred balance in mind. It is the perfect high-vibrational collection for families and those who wish to bring balance into their home lives. 


The oils in this range also work with advanced chakras and higher ray energy systems, making them ideal for Mystery School and advanced energy practitioners. 

Ganesha Holy Family Shrine Box

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