Egypt Academy 

8-23 September 2019


Alchemy through the eyes and sacred doorways of the Goddess. 


During this training:

You will learn how to work with the advanced capabilities of light healing and working with Aurora oils to achieve the radiant light body. 


The symbols and codes of Ancient Egypt will become a new language that you will use to navigate a new reality.


Transmissions and energy downloads take place at all temples and energy vortexes, plus daily anointing workshops and rituals


Awakening of the Goddess Akashic Mysteries within you



Included on this journey are:

- traditional Egyptian healing rituals based on vibration and frequency

- ancient queen ceremonies with special herbs and woods

- visits to temples and portals off the beaten track 

  • a special voyage to the original spot of the Isis temple where we will meditate to reconnect the past, present and future of her lineage
  • Aurora Alchemy oils and butterfly essences
  • training in the womb technologies of Mary Magdalene for practitioners and healers
  • personal Akashic sessions and group healings


Itinerary Highlights:


Arrive in Egypt : 8/9/19

You will be greeted at the airport by our tour guides and escorted to your hotel


9/9/19 : Great Cat Opening Ceremony at the Sphinx (private entrance), White Lion Activations and meditation into the Akashic Record Libraries. After our ceremony, we will spend the afternoon at the Giza plateau connecting to the vortex, before seeing the whole landscape lit up at night for the Pyramids Sound and Light show. An incredible day of opening to the electric frequencies of the stars.


10/9/19: Magic Pyramid, Saqqara, Cairo Museum. 


11/9/19: Great Pyramid experience and entrance into the Kings Chamber. Fly to Aswan. 

Arrival at Philae. Isis Temple. 



Isis Mother Temple Day

Night markets



Elephantine Island Breakfast. 

Travel to Abu Simbel. Stay for Sound and Light show. Overnight in Aswan.


14/9/19: Board Nile Cruise, Kom Ombo


15/9/19: Nile Cruise, Edfu


16/9/19: Nile Criuse, Luxor - Luxor, the royal garden city of Egypt. Explore the valleys of Sphinxes and enter Karnak Temple, where we encounter the fierce feminine fire of the Goddess Sekhmet. Spend the evening by Luxor river and the legendary Temple of Man. 


17/9/19: Valley of the Kings & the Initiation Chambers of the Mother Womb Consciousness


A full day in the Valley of the Kings, into all the tombs of the Pharoahs,including King Tut’s tomb. This will be an extraordinary initiation ceremony into the royal codes of the Golden Age of Egypt. A powerful experience comparative to being in the Kings Chamber of the Great Pyramid, with many star codes and connections flowing in. A rebirth into the royal codes of Isis. 


18/9/19: Valley of the Queens & hapshepsut;s Temple


Queen codes flow in today, with the powerful feminine lineages of Hapshepsut and Nefertari, 2 women who ruled Egypt in different ways through its most abundant and progressive cycles.



Travel to Dendara, to spend a full day of priestess ceremonial remembrance. Unveil knowledge of colour and sound healing within the healing chapels. Meditate under the Zodiac of Dendara to activate your star goddess codes. 


Check in at House of Life at Abydos



Abydos morning ceremony to open to House of Life spa immersion

Abydos Temple Tour 

Ancient Egyptian Sound Healing



Flower of Life spa rituals

Water Rituals

Ancient Egyptian Massage



Smoke and Incense Rituals- Full Day Scent Immersion 



Departure and Check out. 


You will travel back to Luxor to fly to Cairo, and return from Cairo to home. 


About Aurora Alchemy:


Aurora Alchemy oils are keys to the anointing traditions and rituals of Ancient Egypt. Their energies unlock the codes and portals of the temples of the Goddess, heal energy lines and deliver a boost of spiritual potential to all they anoint. They hold specific geometric codes and vibrational patterns that pulsate with embedded light, sound, colour and healing properties. These codes are aligned with the engineering and technological constructions of Ancient Egypt. When working with them and using them in Egypt, they are extra powerful because they operate within their original construct. The holographic wavelengths created by the oils enable attunement to the mystery traditions of the Egypt.




Leave (extended stays possible)


23-26 September

Abydos extended stay with extra visit to Dendara


27-30 September

Tel Amarna mountain


30 September

Leave Egypt


USD$3999 for 8-23 September

Each additional day USD$250

All inclusive food and board, inland travel, temple visits and all journey costs.


Not inclusive of tips, drinks and air travel to and from Egypt.

Egypt Academy

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