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Unveiling the Sacred Tradition of Chrism Oils: Embracing the Majesty of the Royal Codes

Embark on a mystical journey into the realm of sacred rituals and divine connections, where the profound practice of anointing with Chrism oils awaits.

Rooted in ancient traditions, these sacred oils hold immense power and symbolism, especially in the context of goddess anointing.

Let's delve into the transformative world of Chrism oils, exploring their connection to the sacred feminine, the transformative figure of Mary Magdalene, and the majestic traditions of the Royal Coronation.

The Profound Significance of Chrism Oils in Sacred Anointing

Chrism oils transcend ordinary oils, carrying a divine essence that consecrates and blesses. These sacred oils are used in various religious ceremonies and rituals, symbolizing the divine presence and serving as a channel for grace. In the realm of goddess anointing, Chrism oils take on an even deeper significance, paying homage to the powerful energy of the sacred feminine that flows through the universe.

Journeying through the Sacred Tradition of Goddess Anointing

Dating back to ancient times, the tradition of goddess anointing reveres and celebrates the sacred feminine. Anointing rituals were performed to honor goddesses, invoking their divine qualities of wisdom, blessings, and healing. This tradition, often associated with priestesses and sacred temples, resonates profoundly with the essence of femininity and the nurturing power of the goddess.

Mary Magdalene: Catalyst of Transformation and Anointing

Within the realm of goddess anointing, Mary Magdalene shines as a transformative figure. As an embodiment of the divine feminine, she played a significant role in the life of Jesus Christ and became an emblem of spiritual enlightenment and metamorphosis. Mary Magdalene's connection to anointing and sacred oils amplifies the profound link between femininity, spirituality, and the transformative potential of Chrism.

Embracing the Majesty of the Royal Coronation

Throughout history, the Royal coronation has been intertwined with anointing and the sacred oils of Chrism. From ancient monarchies to contemporary ceremonies, the anointing of kings and queens with Chrism oil signifies their divine authority and consecration to serving their people.

Inspired by the hallowed traditions of the royal coronation, our Chrism collection is crafted to embody regality and a sense of sacred purpose.

Divine leadership is the theme of our Chrism Collection, which comes in 3 formulations:

  • Chrism of the Queen: Immerse yourself in regal grace and embrace the power of feminine majesty with this exquisite blend dedicated to "Queen" Diana.

  • Chrism of the Cat Lion: Awaken your inner strength and courage as you tap into the fierce and untamed aspects of the goddess with this potent blend imbued with Rose and Cinnamon top notes.

  • Chrism of the Miraculous: Experience the enchantment of divine magic and miracles as you connect with the sacred through this captivating blend containing rare White Rose Otto, Mother Mary's signature oil.

The tradition of Chrism oils and goddess anointing transcends time and culture, offering a pathway to profound divine connection and transformation.

Embrace the regal traditions of the Royal coronation and harness the power of Chrism oils, as you embark on a personal quest of spiritual enlightenment and goddess anointing, allowing the divine essence to flow through your being.

The transformative essence of Chrism oils serves as a gentle reminder of your divine nature and the sacred potential that lies within you. Just as the anointing rituals during the Royal coronation symbolize the empowerment of leaders through Chrism oils, we too possess the ability to awaken qualities such as grace, wisdom, strength, and compassion. This enables us to rise up our roles as guides and servants, leading others with love and empathy.

The presence of Mary Magdalene, known for her transformative journey and connection to anointing, emphasizes the significance of the sacred feminine energy. It teaches us that the nurturing, healing, and empowering aspects of the goddess are not confined to a specific gender. By honoring and embracing these qualities, we create a harmonious equilibrium that uplifts our communities and contributes to the betterment of the world.

The first step onto the path of goddess anointing is to appreciate and celebrate the inherent beauty that resides within each person. It is a recognition of their unique gifts, talents, and capacity for love and personal growth. By honouring others as divine, we are guided toward spiritual enlightenment and inspired to lead with integrity, compassion, and grace.

May the profound symbolism of Chrism oils kindle within you the essence of your divine leadership, the inner compass that is guided by your divinity.

Mary Magdalene is here to awaken the leader within you. Let your light radiate, illuminating the path for others to follow.

Together, we can create a world where divine leadership flourishes, and the inherent beauty of each soul is honoured and cherished.

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