The Language of Flowers

Discover the healing powers of nature's divine feminine messengers

Flowers must be Nother Nature's most beautiful and fragrant creation, and we all know She is the Great Healer. If anything in nature most represents the Goddess, it has to be the floral kingdom in all its magnificent spectrum of colour, scent, properties and healing frequencies.

So much of the language and power of flowers is yet to be explored. In ancient times, flowers were thought to hold a certain vibration which conveyed a message. The genesis of the posy or bouquet originally came with the intent to send a message, with mixed blooms combined to create a specific communication, often one that was romantic in nature.

Their healing essences have proven to be potent in the form of flower essences for subtle internal healing of emotional issues. The very sight of them promotes a sense of health and wellness. Gentle and graceful as they are, they are powerful healers and divine vessels of heavenly vibrations.

Every flower brings with it fairy energy, very often the presence of fairies enter a home adorned with beautiful blossoms. But beware of ending the short lives of these beautiful creations with commercial floral creations. Instead, forage for your flowers or grow them in pots to bring sparkling fairy magic into your life.

Flowers also enable access to angelic frequencies, which explains the heavenly feeling you get when you see a bouquet of glorious stems. Each flower species is overlighted by a deva, a divine spirit of plant consciousness. Devas speak and protect those who are attuned to specific flowers. Through devas, the power of God's love flows working through nature. To find your Flower Deva can be a life-changing experience.

Long included in herbal healing therapies of the East, flower rituals and healing practices have been found in India, China, Indonesia and all parts of South East Asia. Jasmine blossoms, crushed into body masks and scrubs, fragrant beyond compare and skin therapy at its finest. Rose petals, scattered into baths and made into sandalwood pastes and teas, to beautify the body and cleanse the skin. Lotus oils anointed on chakra points to induce heightened superconscious meditation.

Flowers symbolised beauty, and beauty was the result of the floral therapies of the ancient queens of the East, whose legendary practices are still with us today.

Flower Therapy is most powerful when dealing with emotional and metaphysical issues. It is one of the most potent medicines of the Goddess and a surefire way to return to her embrace within moments of deep connection to flower energy and its Flower Deva.

I have come to see flowers as embodiments of pure living spiritual energy which energetically bring light and joy to the soul in every way. Each flower carries a special message and beautiful light. Look a little closer at the next flowers you see and connect to the angel within.

Here are the 7 top healing flowers you need to connect with :


The humble daisy, or "Day's Eye" as it was originally known, is a true blossom of the solar light. Opening at dawn and closing at dusk, the daisy is often used in love guessing games and in the making of daisy chains. Its vibration is of lightness, love and play.


The Dandelion, found in every yard and garden, has now been redeemed as a superfood and supreme antioxidant.


Buttercup, loved for its bright yellow hues, is a folk medicine that has been forgotten for centuries. Old herbal manuals say all parts of the buttercup growing above ground have healing properties.





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