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Updated: Apr 27

Blending the traditions of East and West into transformational energy oils, Aurora Alchemy has created a powerful range of aromatherapy potions for the modern day Goddess.

Aurora Alchemy has created 17 body oils to complement all states of divine feminine wellbeing and wholeness

At Aurora Alchemy, we passsionately believe in aromatherapy as the ultimate healing medicine, the essential complement to conventional approaches of beauty, health and wellness.

Specializing in beautiful sensual natural fragrances created by our potent body oil blends, we exist to transform mind, body and spirit with a few golden drops of pure intent.

For the past 13 years, Aurora Alchemy has introduced nature’s finest elixirs into the everyday life and lifestyle of our users.

Based on ancient wisdom packaged for the modern urban dweller, Aurora Alchemy’s multipurpose body oils can be used anywhere on the hair, skin, face and body.

The oils are powerful mood enhancers and wellness body tonics. Each oil in the range has the ability to impact dramatically on moods and mindsets, in their own specific ways. By choosing a mood (or vibration) to experience each day, you will find a transformational tool to shifting your lifestyle (and fortunes) within a short space of time.

The oils have had rave reviews in cities such as London, Tokyo, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and Auckland, and have followings in all continents.

Check out some of our amazing testimonials from over 13 years of unstoppable magic....

If you want to discover more about the science behind Aurora Alchemy and how to transform your day with essential oil perfumes, stay tuned....our next few blogs will give you an insight into the world of vibrations, plant medicines and how they regenerate the skin as well as spirit at an incredible rate!

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