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Every woman is the earth

She is here.

The Goddess.

The Mystic.

The Queen.

She lives in you, as she lives in all women, all men, all animals.

All sentience now residing on earth bows to her.

She reigns supreme.

The grand invocation of the mystical divine feminine is at hand, bringing with her entrance a peace and power that will characterise the beginning of a new era.

Divine timing has come into play.

Powerful energies are surging from the portals of the earth.

All of creation is in activation.

In the rush and swirl of all the turmoil within and without, a new consciousness is birthed.

Breathe. Release.

This breath of creation is yours.

The Goddesses and feminine ascended masters welcome you into a time of their genesis, as the forces of the divine feminine realm now anchor fully on the earth.

Every portal releases her code. Every land breathes her name.

It is her time. Now. Here. Divine frequencies of cosmic light shower power from the stars. A magical ancestral past, present and future. Reminding us of how it always was, how it still is and how it always will be.

The laws of nature that govern us, the cycles of the moon that stir our waters, they remind us of her presence.

She reminds you now that you are she.

Every woman is a part of the earth.

Your body resonates with the earth.

You are part of her cycle, as she takes part in yours.

You are a piece of sacred mother earth and you hold her consciousness.

What you feel, the earth feels.

If you are in pain, she is in pain.

When she is in pain, you feel her tension and worry.

If you suffer, she suffers with you.

When she suffers, you feel her rage, her anger, her frustration.

When you bleed, your blood nourishes her, just as her gifts nourish you daily.

Return now to the power that is yours and take it back.

Claim it from the earth, for your soul knows her power is yours.

You know this power.

It is yours to take.

The power of the earth belongs to the women of the world, who have birthed every being existing on this planet.

Claim this space as yours.

You are a woman who spins the world.

Your energy runs the world.

Your love powers the world.

Today, the world is revealed as your own.

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